30 April: 13,447,000 Km2 Of Arctic Sea Ice And Reports Of Snow In Texas

The April 29 Arctic sea ice extent came in at 13,447,000 square kilometers, still below the satellite age mean, but 13,447,000 Km2 above the warmists prediction for the date.

For a quick check on how the sea ice is faring, click here, click on tghe chart to expand it, and follow the main trace up and to the left until you see the red 2017 trace. The closer it gets to the grey “standard deviation” area the closer it gets to the satellite age mean.

Heat holding Asian soot and fly ash has the Arctic mean temperature at very slightly above the long term mean of 260K, or -13C, or 9F, still cold enough to freeze sea water. However, checking temperatures far from the Bering Strait reveals temps well below the long term average, so perhaps a trend is developing.

Several reports of fresh snow from Texas to Colorado have come in, about sixty days late for the Southern plains. I see expected highs in the mid 30’s, but in that area, where the late Grady Nutt said you could knit a suit of clothes before an oncoming motorist could see you had stripped to your skivvies, are pretty far between.

And solar radiance continues to decline, as reports from Spain where it seldom rains have a 15% increase in the time it takes a wooden bloc placed in direct sunlight temperature to rise 10C, 18F, indicates.

It seems clear that while our planet will not see a major temperature decline in the winter of 2016-17 conditions are right for the start of the next “grand climate minimum.”

Hopefully, it will be named fro one of he warmists, such as Al Gore or Tom Steyer. Or George Soros, since that one reportedly gave $36,000,000 to organizers to put on the “climate change protest” FakeNEWSHQ seems to think so much of.


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