Amusing: Chucky Complains About Trump

In the wee hours of 9 November, 2016, before the shock of Donald Trump’s “Impossible Election” had worn off, Democratic Congress Creatures began saying they would not cooperate with President Trump. Even today, three months after President Trump’s inauguration a few of the ANTI-Party are making waves with a limited amout of cooperation, but for the most part, the Democrats have stopped participating in the legislative process.

One of those who swore he would never cooperate was incoming Senate Minority leader Chucky Schumer (ANTI-NY). And now the Washington Times reports this same Chucky is complaining that President Donald J. Trump ‘does not consult us at all.”

Given the general attitude of the Democrats toward our duly elected President, and the many ANTI=Party members who have sworn to never cooperate with Trump and the Republicans in getting our nation back on an even keel…

Just why in the name of all the imps in Satan’s domain should President Trump consult with the obstructionist party,Chucky?


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