Evidently, Clueless Chris Likes Him Some War

I was in Charlotte, Michigan on 25 June, 1950, discussing the possibility of repairing radios for a locka shop when word came North Korea had launched its “Reunification of the Fatherland Campaign” by invading South Korea. In very short order President Harry S Truman announced we would participate in the United Nation’s “Police Action,” putting us in a state of declared war with North Korea.

An armistice, a “I won’t shoot at you if you don’t shoot at me” agreement, was declared on 27 July 1953, an armistice is not a peacke. So we have effectively been at war with North Korea for more than 66 years.

That conflict, call it an “intervention,” a “pocie action,” or just plain Korean War, has cost us much. The lives of three of the sixteen members of my high school graduating class, for one thing, over a trillion dollars in “treasure” for another. The Korean War has taken too long, and has been far too costlyi. It is time for it to be over. By my preference, by the nation joining the rest of the world, and becoming good neighbors and trading partners with the other 194 nations of the world.

Something that will not happen without putting North Korea under extreme duress.

as part of the present diplomatic attempt to stabilize an increasingly dangerous situation President Trump Tweeted “North Korea disrespected the wishes China and its highly respected President when it launched a missile today. Bad!

Few rational persons would disagree with the assessment. Bit mpw a Senator born 13 years after North Korea invaded the South has stuck his waxed and polished sconce into the effort to put the lid on a bad and extremely dangerous situation. Yet one Senator has the unmitigated gall, or gross ignorance, to call an effort to solve one of the most dangerous and vexing situation that currently exist “reality TV.”

The Senator is Delaware’s Chris Coons, who won through the influence of a partisan press over a competent Republican opponent. On The Issues has a brief rundown of coon’s voting record, which shows him to be a back bencher, a reliable rubber stamp for Harry Reid and now Chucky Schumer, and a man who votes as if he has no independent will.

On a scale of 100 to 1, where each letter represents a four point change, Coons gets an N on social issues, mostly because of absence, and a Z on economics and rights issues. In short, Coons is a typical borrow, print, tax and blow Democrat who never saw a spending bill he did nto love, a gun banner regardless of the certain consequences of a gun b an, and not at all a fit representative of wht was once a Sovereign Colony in its own right.

Surely Delaware can do better than this sad sack. Coon’s term expires in January 2021, meaning he must either retire or run for election in 20220. That gives the good people of Delaware eight months to find a suitable candidate to replace this mistake.


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