Noted: “9-Year-Old Boy Found Dead A Week After His Mother And 2-Year-Old Mother Murdered

Well, that is what the headline says, anyway.

Although I cannot say how a child could be 7 years older than its mother, I can say the source does not have the reputation of tghe New Orleans Times Picayune, which as the late Justin Wilson has it, is superior to that of a respected local doctor.

Who was accosted by a get in the bit city of Ville Platte, and asked “Where at is a woman’s yet?”

“Tht?” the surprised MD said, “A woman got a lot of things but not a yet.”

“Doc, a woman gotta have a yet. It say right here in the Picayune that a woman was shot and the bullet is in her yet, and the Picayune don’ tell no lies.”



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