Chucky Is A Better Comedian Than His Cousin Amy

I seen Senator Chucky (Chuck E.) Sc Schumer (ANTI-NY) says President Donald Trump’s first 100 days have hardly been a success.

WEll, the President and his party have made an attempt to get everything promised done on schedule, but have been slowed by the ANTI-gun, ANTI-prosperity, and ANTI-rights Democratic Party. Of which Chucky is the Senate minority leader.

Chucky and his mob keep putting off votes and putting off votes until President Trump’s program is somewhat behind hand. Just last week, Chucky and his mob forced a week’s delay in passing the 2017 budget, putting that off a week, in order to avoid a government shutdown. NOt that shutting down a government that does not do much would be important but the media seems to think it is.

It is time for Chucky to either lead, follow, or get out of the way. Of the three, retirement would be the most satisfactory in the long run.


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