(Casa Post) Retail Industry Blames No Ta For Poor Sales

Years ago I visited the local record shop to buy a CD by the musical group Bond. The young lady behind the counter pulled out a ten page computer report and said..

“Nope, we aren’t going to have that, it is not on the top 500 sellers.”

So I have not been back – although I have several Bond CDs I purchased on line. And paid far more in “shipping and handling” than I ever would for taxes.

Retails problem is not tax,but availability. My shirt size is not a top five sseller so I must either wear a shirt that fits like an elephant blanket, or by on the net.

I used to be able to walk into Wal-Mart and buy spark plugs and distributor caps. No more, so I spend my auto upkeep costs with a specialty retailer. I also used to buy jeans that fit at Wally World – but they have their own brand now and that sags where I do not.

As a consumer, the presence or absence of sales tax does not enter into the buying decision. My first consideration is simple enoug: “Does it satisfy my needs.”

So long as the local brick and mortar shops cannot satisfy my needs, I will have to shop on the internet.


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