Someone signing themselves “Ellie Light” has had letters praising Obama published in 47 newspapers. In each case the mysterious Ellie has presented herself as a local resident.

Now – as a long time veteran of the Letters To The Editors Wars, almost every newspaper has a “call and verify before publishing” policy. So the fact that “Ellie” has appeared in 47 newspapers is suspicious. The more so since I have received calls from some of the newspapers in question.

Either Ellie has a lot of local telephone numbers – or a lot of political clout. Which is it?

I suspect “Ellie Light” is another product of Ethan Winner and David Axelrod. You may remember the “slime Sarah Palin” campaign that began almost the instant John McCain announced her selection as his running mate.

Winner and Axelrod were responsible for the Smear Sarah campaign, although others jumped on the bandwagon later. I see many similarities in word choice and phrasing between the “Ellie Light letters” and material from Winner and Axelrod’s Smear Sarah campaign. It would not surprise me in the least to discover “Ellie Light” is neither female, nor a “Light.”

Because I think the Ellie Light letters and the Smear Sarah material share a common author.


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