The media has been busily repeating some inane commentary from the junior scientists who are responsible for Climategate. Now they say their secret decoder ring tells them there is a link between “man made global warming” and earthquakes.

That is, some members of the Jones, Mann, Et Cie, et al, et ux, branch of the Junior Woodchucks have claimed “man made global warming,” AKA the bet hedging term “climate change,” is responsible for the Haitian earthquake, the Sumatra tsunami, and all the rest of the quivering and shaking that has been going on. Naturally, the preternaturally stupid media has picked up the story and is playing if for all it’s worth.

Of course, there actually is a link between the Sun, our climate, and earthquakes. The relationship is an inverse one. Earthquakes are statistically more likely when the Sun’s magnetic field is at a minimum – as it is now. The climate cools when the Sun’s magnetic field is at a minimum – as it is now. So the link between climate and earthquakes is “more heat means less shaking.”

As we all know, this has been a regular hellbender of a winter over the entire Northern Hemisphere. And there has been a whole lot of quaking going on. Until the Sun’s magnetic field picks back up, it would be a good idea to store the breakables at the floor level – and prepare for a really serious and widespread natural disaster.


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