Tribune Op-Ed Tells The Truth About Banners

A Chicago Tribune Op-Ed column by Maxon Shooter’s Supplies Dan Eldridge discusses the gauzy illogic and outright lies of gun control advocates.

As a group. the anti-gun activists have ignored the failure of every gun control law since 1495 to do anything good. Charts like this, which documents the failed history of American gun controls, are dismissed as lies or utterly ignored by the “it will work if we just try it again” crowd. After more than 57,504 failures gun controls are not going to reduce crime, make anyone safer, or even reduced the incidence of political assassinations.

Click on over to what may wind up being the wonder of the age, a truthful gun control op ed in the Chicago Tribune. The Casa will be here when you click back, and this post will be copied to the Alley when it comes back up.


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