A New Yorker Wants The Whole Truth About Gun Control

Someone with a Clarkstown, New York URL demands “The whole truth about gun control.”

The “whole truth” certainly would document far more gun control than I have, but the whole truth about gun control is not very complicated. Nor, in a sane society, would ti be very interesting.

I have been looking at gun control laws for about 10 weeks short of 50 years, and members of the group here have been searching for a successful restrictive gun law for more than 130 combined years. We have found none a,pmg tje 57.605 such laws we have turned up in that search.

It took me less than one month to demonstrate to a scientific certainty that every gun control law in existence had failed, and that every restrictive gun law that will be will fail to control crime, make anyone safer, or reduce the incidence of political assassination.

That minimum confidence level for scientific certainty is 0.999999 per cent certain, or 1 chance in a million uncertainty factor. in nearly 50 years, I have personally charted the results of more than 12,000 restrictive gun laws without finding an exception that did not involve fraud; and collectively we have tracked the results of more than 35,000 such restrictive laws, again without finding an exception. Therefore, the proposition that gun controls drive up violent crime rates 0 and lay the foundation for totalitarian government – is as well proven as any theory can be.

Further, and worse, the tactics used by gun control zealots are exactly the same as that used by totalitarian governments to impose harsher and harsher gun laws, until finally guns are co confiscated. With the people rendered unable to amount an effective protest, the next step is the labor camps, and for those confined for political reasons, the extermination camps.

And that is essential the whole history and the truth about gun control. Regardless of what the gun ban advocates dream up.


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