Odd: Red Bernie Supporter Wants To Bring Down Red Nancy

In an odd bit of news, FOX reports a backer of Red Bernie Sanders is determined to bring down Red Nancy Pelosi.

Bermont Senator and nominal Independent Red Bernie Sanders actually belongs to the Democratic Socialists of America, a cover group for the Communist Party USA. In fact, Sanders is the only Senator who admits DSA membership, although by their votes at least 25 Senators toe the DSA line.

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi resigned her DSA membership when she became Speaker of the House in 2007, although she votes the straight DSA line virtually all the time.

Briefly quoting the FOX News report linked above:

Self-described “old straight white” guy Stephen Jaffe has joined the list of those trying to topple Democratic Party icon Nancy Pelosi.

It is not surprising that a member of the Depression Generation would think well of and support the politico-economic situation that currently holds almost half of humanity in misery and totalitarianism and reject the free enterprise system that has brought affluence and freedom to more humans than any other system.

Communism and its fraternal twin, Fascism, were heavily promoted up to the late 1940’s, and both Sanders and Nancy D’Alessandro Pelosi, as well as Sanders California supporter, were certainly heavily exposed to that agitprop.

But it is surprising that a man of Sanders generation would talk about bringing down a ranking member of the DSA controlled Democratic Party. I have a very strong suspicion that we will hear much more of this in the future.


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