FakeNewsHQ-NYC Touts Prohibitive Tax On Guns

I see the primary source of fake news in the Gotham area is touting the Federal Firearms Act of 1934 as “Gun Control That Works.”

Before I discuss FA34, let me point out that in 1934 a loaf of bread was seven to 10 cents. A soft drink was 5 cents, even the 16 ounce ones. A quart of milk was as cheap as a nickle. A new Chevrolet sedan was as little as $425.00 and a plate lunch with coffee, tea, or a soft drink and a dessert was fifty cents – with enough on the plate that many restaurants would not charge you if you could eat it all.

So in purchasing power, the factor that counts, the $200 “tranfer tax” for assault weapons was the equivalent of up to $8,000 in 2016 minibucks. So while that $200 transfer tax was prohibitively high in 1934, it is about the price of a couple of tickets to an off Broadway musical.

The ATF publication Firearms In commerce 2016 shows sales of has risen from $666,000 to $32,462,000 in 2015. Since the tax has not changed, that is a 48 times increase in the number of “destructive devices, fully automatic firearms and sound suppressors, in just 30 years.

While FA34 achieved its stated purpose of killing sales of “tommy guns and silencers” in 1934, the devaluation of the dollar has a lot more Americans reaching for their checkbook.

So, did the Firearms Act of 1934 reduce the use of fully automatic weapons to commit crimes. NO, it emphatically did not.

Repeal or relaxation of Prohibition era gun laws sent homicide and violent crime rates falling in 1933, the end of Prohibition, as you can see in the chart taken from FBI data immediately below3.

Fully automatic weapons never contributed more than 50 murders a year to the total, and sound suppressors, miscalled “silencers,” were never a factor.

So, as usual, FAkeNewsHQNYC has not the first clue about what they are talki9ng about. All they seem to know is Marxism is good and everything else is bad.


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