I see ABC, which put up a third of a million 1964 dollars to promote gun control, says the Democrats have a lock on the midterms. CBS, which reported bankrolled Carolyn McCarthy’s 1996 House campaign, reads from the same script.

Now, I have been around a while and I have pretty much “seen the elephant.” Either these networks know something the rest of us do not, or they are “whistling past the graveyard.”

It’s likely that they are just talking to keep the front up. That they actually expect the Democrats control of Congress to be a lot thinner than it is now, and are lying in their teeth about it.

BUT – if the networks and the print media know something we do not, it becomes another matter. Considering current polling, with “any Republican” winning by nine percent when stacked up against “Frank Incumbent” that would take massive voter fraud. And that will cause trouble. Probably more trouble than the left wants to eat.


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