Extranos Alley Twilight Sermon

And considering my aggravation when the Alely went down for a second time, and on a second ISP, that probably is a good thing.

I will be bac in the wee hours checking the news for something more accurate than Fake News HQ?Cable’s fable tghat President Trump is killing gun sales:

That a New York Congressman wants to ban Hawaii’s right to ban guns, which is the same as saying Hawaii’s right to a third to third world crime rates:

And of course FakeNews DC’s incessant call for higher crime rates for the District.

All of those news items have people behind the article. People who totally ignore the total failure of more than 57,725 of the restrictive gun laws that have already failed – without a single success. People who neither know nor care tghat gun control was a necessary precursor to the murder of atg least 262 million innocents during the 20th Century alone.

People who paid no attention to the abject and bloody series of failures that is gun control. People who did not care enough to do a thrity second check on “results of gun control.

Uninformed people, whose world view does not approach the tragic reality, that gun control was a necessary precursor to the murder of at least 262 million innocent people by their own government.

If we are to enjoy the sort of crime free society the millennial’s grat grandfather five times removed did, where only one person in 130,000 was murdered, 50 in 100,ooo were either robbed, sexually assaulted, or assaulted with deadly weapon, we must work to repeal the laws drove our murder official murder rate to as high as 100,000 and our violent crime rates to as high as 1,840 per 100,000. The laws that all of the above want to tighten and extend.

It has been and will continue to be a hard fight – but the result will be well worth the effort tit takes.


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