Extranos Hurricane Watch FOR 5 August, 2017

There is a fading hurricane off Baja, but the Atlantic shows up as smooth as a newborn’s behind. In addition, the wide area of yellow off West Africa indicates the eastern Atlantic is cooling, something that ordiariliy starts in September.

Checking the ARctic ice melt, I see the hiatus is definitely ended, and the melt is at a rate normal for the date.

Speaking of Artctic sea ce extent, the 4 August reading was 6,331,000 square kilometers, and declining more slowly that it did two short weeks ago.

Further south, a large cell is warming the Medeterranian area, meaning it woiuld be easy to work up a sweat in Madrid or rome, while London “sizzled at 688F, 28C, and other Continental temperatures seem a bit lower than the long term mean.

Wide areas of Asia seem to be below normal for 5 Sugust, with 20’s where I expected high 30’s C,, that is, we have reports in the low 70’s were I expect mid to high 90’s in Fahreheit degrees.

And we have some hot spots that seem to be getting an inodrdinate amount of attention, but they are below the normal highs for the date so no worries. Not yet.

Bottom line? This old world is still spinning on its axle, and I am sure that some priest stood on the temple steps 10,000 years ago and predicted the end of rhe world. would come tomorrow.

Different names and different temples, but the aim is the same. Money. To get some.But today, the pleas is “Send your moneth to Gadd-uh, so He can continue this important work. My address is

Shads of XERA, the voice of Del Rio…


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