Extranos Alley: The Reason Is Revealed!

Comcast has has laid bare the reason for the big like that gun sales are “plummeting.”

For background, since last November, the Fake News HQ’s have been printing stories about “gun sales falling. In reality, we have a good handle on the relationship between criminal background checks and new gun sales is early in 2001, when the ATF released gun production numbers that could be compared to NICS numbers.

Over that period, new gun “transfers” generally total very close to .668 percent of NICS checks performed.

And, looking at it is clear that the number of NICS checks lag only 2016,when gun dealers were selling everything but the lint in the counterman’s pockets as soon as something to sell arrived..

For the first 7 months of 2017, NICS checks totaled slightly more than 14,430,000 checks, indicative of a more than 16,000,000 new guns sold, and up to 4,000,000 used gun sales.

That is not “Plummeting.” From every indication, 2017 will mark the second best year in the history of gun production in the United States. Desirable guns are still in very short supply, and international testing of our president and our national resolve have made guns and ammunition likely to be in short supply for years to come.

But like the rest of the Fake News industry, Comcast has weighted in with an article designed to drive the price of a gunmaker’s haares down.

And to a certain extent the purveyors of fake news are succeeding.

However, if you click on the lin immediately above, and take notice that yesterday is at the left side of th echart, one year ago on the right, you will see that release of Ruger’s Second quarter 2017 results have sharply increased share prices. And in this case defeated Comcast’s plot to render gun maker’s shares worthless.


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