Extranos Alley: “Gun Violence Is Out Of Hand,”

The Lancaster S.C. reports ‘gun violence is out of hand.’

But click on over and then click on the video as a Law Enforcement Officer, I presume the Sheriff, tells it like it is.

“The people throughout the county who are causing the problem shouldn’t have guns to begin with. They are not of age, the guns we are recovering are stolen, and that’s a problem in itself.”

Roger that! most of our gun related problems ahave gun theft and gun trafficking at their roots. A trafficked police caliber handgun, fully loaded, currently goes for less than $150 on the street – and three to five times that at a gun dealers. And the trail of that gun has a hole between the citizen it was purchased from, and the riminal who bought it off trafficker.

Yet if Law Enforcement Agencies arrest a trafficker, prosecutors usually treat the crimes much like swiping a handful of bubble gum from the jug at the Mom and Pop’s.

Gun theft is a serious crime, and should be treated seriously. Starting with penalties commensurate with the seriousness of the crimes committed with trafficked guns.


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