Extranos Alley: What Is “Gun Violence” About?

When you hear someone expound on “gun violence” the probability that violence is to criminal on criminal disputs is 63%.

In order, and assuming the ratio of relationships between killer and victim are the same among the 38% of murders that are never solved by arre3st are the same as the relationships in the 62 percent “solved by arrest Lare a result of domestic violence. ”

88 percent of gun murders, and 63 percent of all murders involve individuals who are either partners or rivals in a criminal enterprise.

18 percent of all murdes result from arguments within the victim’s extended family.

9 percent of all murders re committed during a crime against a person who is not a member of the victim’s extended family.

7 percent of all murders, and

4 percent of all murders have no known cause, or are stranger murders.

Remembering that these are estimates derived from the FBI Uniform crime report and a variety of studies, and are therefore approximate, with a 5% margin of error, anytr, it is still clear that the overwhelming majority of “gun violence” is between working criminals of one sort of another.

Since recent studies find that less than one working criminal in 100 has ever tried to buy a gun from a legitimate source, the legal gun trade draws very few criminals.


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