That men prolong their lives by gazing upon beautiful women – and listening to music. While the turbofolk music is pleasant enough, the sound will turn down. And watching through this should add at least a week or two to a man’s life – besides giving me a chance to test my newly overhauled glim:

While this one should add a full month to the span of a man’s life. While the clip should come with a prude warning – Ay yi yi, Caramba!

And here’s some more rather spectacular scenery.

This reminds me that the Persians said the Greeks were the ugliest people on Earth, until they decided to do something about it. The wise men gathered, and it was decided to open trade with a northern peoples called the Sclav, whose men were handsome and their women were noted for great beauty. So over hundreds of years, the Greeks imported beautiful Sclavic serfs, and eventually the Greeks became as attractive as any other race of men.

Of course, Europe dropped that awkward c from the Sclav’s name, and they became the Slavs. And the west took the revised name and added an e, to describe the condition of the peoples the Greeks traded for.

Looking at these ladies, I don’t blame the Greeks one bit.


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