Extranos Alley: Death By Socialism

Investigative reporter John Stossel hears a few words ab out Socialism Socialism is supposed to be about making sure everyone gets their fa fair share,through Sate control of manufacture and distribution of goods and services. In reality, Socialim, nd Fascism, Communism Falaggeism (Francoism, Peronism, Cavisimo, or any of the other schemes that have taken the freedom of the masses while putting their wealth in the bosses pockets.

In this video, John Stossel interviews two people who watched Communism taqke over and tell enough so the inquiring observer, watching with a strangers eye, can determine what wen on – and what is likely to go on,now that a rigged election has made Chavez handpicked successor Dictador for life:

Like almost all the other 8,000 plus forms of socialism, Venizuela’s first open move to control the subjects lives to the smallest detail was gun control. As was the Soviet Union’s similar moves, Italy’s Fascism, Spains Falangism,Argentina’s Peronism, and so on.

And all of them took power by convincing a major portion of the public tghey were poor and abused, deserving of free food, free health care, and free indoctrination. What the people got was worthless fiat money, e, small quantities of basic foods,and a few changes shoddy “seat covers.” And a ride.

As many Venezuelans have already found out, a one way ride to a labor camp, whwere one man is often called upon to do the work of one horse.


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