Extranos Alley: CBS Attacks Gun, Proves OUR Point

Historically, and hysterically, anti0gun CBS is out to kill gun rights again, but interviewing Chicago residents who prove our point about Chicago’s violent crime problem.

Of course, there are NO gun dealers in Chicagto, and the City is suing its suburbs for allowing lawful gun sales. Chicago’s problem is a hellish combination of corruption, pols linked to the mob and vetted by Chicago’s more than 800 criminal gangs that control the city. Chicago’s guns are “street guns, bought for pennies on the dollar from a gun trafficker who deals in stolen guns.

One of the gang members interviewed showed off a MAC-10 semiautomatic pisot,banned by the 1993 Assault Weapons ban. “Fifty shots, right there,” he told CBS.

Another man was asked whey they had guns. “Ain’t no jobs, crime is all there is.”

What about putting down the guns? ” CBS asked.

“Maybe someday, not any time soon,” was the response.

The simple fact is that the very people who deal out t worst of the violence would give almost anything to have a job, a place to call home, and the other things a regular job would bring.

But Chicago’s “Red Schoolhouses” teach few if any salable skills, the jobs have long left for less corrupt places,and jobs for most young Chicago men are about as common as finding a mint Alexandrian age Greek State in your change.

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