Extranos Alley: NID Injures Fatgher,Daughter

My San Antonio when a ‘not intentional discharge’ from a 30/30 rifle injured a New Braunfels father and his 17 YO daughter.

Briefly quoting the MySA report linked above:

According to the release, the father was attempting to place an ice chest into the back seat while the daughter was simultaneously placing her phone in the passenger seat door when the firearm went off. The rifle was on the backseat floorboard.

NID’s are embarrassing at best, usually painful, an dsometimes fatal. Mos of the “thutty thutties” I saw when I used around north Texas were Lever guns, kept loaded behind the front seat.Most were top ejecting 1994 Winchesters,and the rule seemed to be to have an empty chamber and an open ejection port, which is about as fast to unlimber a loaded chamber and a cocked hammer.

But let this painful event be a teaching experience for all of us. However you chooswe to carry your utility rifle, make sure it will not discharge until you pull the “On switch.” Life is too noisy already without having a 30/30 go off with the muzzle next to your – ear.


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