Extranos Alley: Report, Gun Control In NC

The Captain’s Journal report out of North Carolina has it that someone

Old timers will recall several instances where gun controls were imposed on park visitors,with tragic results. The most notable was in the late 1980’s when you ran an extreme risk of being robbed in you visited one of Florida’s many roadside rest areas.

As I rec\all, the I-95 welcome station had a total of 5 robbery murders in a year – until Concealed Carry was put in place and a killer met a citizen with a gun. End o problem in northeast Florida, similar responses to “your money and your life” demands on I-10 and other roads headed south out of Alabama and Georgia ended that problem. And a couple of killers careers.

Any restrictions on privately owned firearms is a very bad idea. Turning public areas into a magnet for killers is a worswe one.

If gun control in North Carolina’s parks is an administrative action person or persons responsible should be put to a job within their competence, picking up litter in parks.

If it is a result of Legislative action, it must be reversed Either way, it is time for North Carolinians t contact their legislators.


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