Extranos Alley: CBS Continues To Demonize Guns

I see CBS continues to use Chicago, the gun control capital of the United States as a reason to ban guns.

Followed by yet another sotry on the parents of Sandy Hook school killer Adam Lanza’s child victims.

Of courwse, CBS never mentions you cannot legally buy a gun in Chicago, unless you are a city hall purchasing agent. Nor does the rabidly anit-gun propaganda mill mention that Connecticut had some of the most restrictive gun laws in America before Newtown.

Nor does CBS mention that all of the guns gang members flash around on camera are stolen and trafficked – or that Federal gun laws worked so well that Adam Lanza was turned down twice when he tried to buy guns, and he finally resorted to killing his mother and stealing her guns.

Now, our community, the shooting community, has the power to stop these incessant propaganda attacks. We are the majority,by far. All we have to do is stop trading with CBS and local CBS outlets advertisers. And tell the advertisers why blowing ad money with CBS is counterproductive.

In an economy where everyone has everything and a four percent drop in revenue will sen share prices to the cellar, the loss of five percent of sales is a serious matter. In theory we could cut CBS advertisers revenue by more than 70%”

Or better yet, print out this list of gun ban funders by donation or by other support and avoid them like the pariahs they should be.

Either way, you will be doing yourself and your community a favor.


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