Extranos Alley: What’s Wrong With Gun Violence? Research?

I see the Democrats are pushing “gun violence research” to further their campaign to ban guns.

While there is nothing wrong with honest research on any subject, “gun violence” studies are far from honest. They with a fallacy, “Guns cause crime so banning guns would eliminate crime,” said in any of a variety of ways, and go on to construct a gun ban castle in Cloud Cuckoo Land.

Instead of gathering the facts and letting the facts carry you where they may, which is essentially the scientific method, they start with the anti-science expedient of starting with a conclusion and gathering or inventing data to support that conclusion.

And that is fraud, purely and simply.

Research on gun control? only one key fact is necessary to do all the research someone in possession of their faculties needs.

Since the first restrictive gun law was imposed in 1495, there have been more than 57,273 restrictive gun laws imposed; most under the pretext of crime control. Of those laws, not even one can be shown to have reduced violence or crime, made anyone safer, or delivered on its actual purpose of reducing the incidence of political assassinations.

That is the longest consecutive series of failures, and bloody failures at that, in recorded history. And that is all a sane and informed person needs to know about gun control.


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