Extranos Alley: Republicans To Oppose Single Payer Healthcare De,ps

In an an item that should be doubly interesting to all of us, Breitbart reports Republicans will target those Democrats who support “single payer” health care fraud.

Fraud? Yes, fraud. Just stick your head up and look around. Canada’s socialized medicine scheme is reported to be demanding more resources than the people can provide, so the standard of living is suffering, and very slow,no ealthcare delivery.

England’s healthcare system system is in such bad order that patients who are no longer productive members of society are routinely doped to the gills and pushed aside, to die of thirst.

France, Spain, Germany, Poland,or you name it. If they have Socialized medicine, healthcare delivered by hirelings of the State, healthcare strips every other segment of government of the funds they need to perform their duties. And even the consumption of most of a nation’s economy does not get a sick person same day treatment.

Since we are all potential victims of single payer,we should pay attention.But since DNC chair Tom Perez has ordered Democratic incumbents to “go along or get out,” Breitbart’s report that the Republicans will trying to replace every ANTI-gun Partei Congressperson and Senator.

It als means we need to help them achieve that goal. After all, the Fascisto-Socialist policies the Democrats call a platform calls for every citizen to bow to the all wise, all powerful, and ever beneficient STate.

Tom Perez fiat means Democrats must support – or at the very least not publicly disagree with – the Partei Platform. Which is Fascism extended to lawmakers.

Those with os little ego they would submit to such a directive have no place in public life. So getting rid of them is the best thing to do.


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