Extranos Alley: Minnesota Gong Conservative?

The Weekly Standard suggests Minnesota may be going conservative.

Minnesota, and neighboring Wisconsin, went “Progressive” during the late years of the 19th Century, with chalk talks on the wonders of our glorious Socialist future every place large enough to get a blackboard and a dozeN chairs in.

I would peg the Weekly Standard report speculation, although Wisconsin has come a long way toward toward turning Conservative.

But it sure would be good to have the Land of 1,000 Lakes as a Red State. Maybe the next time I stop in Albert Lea to feed the wife and a granddaughter I will not have a parade of city kitties giving these strangers with Mississippi plates the eye.


NB,that was at the Albert Lea Hardees, going from Nebraska and one set of grandkids to Superior and another set. Oddly, perhaps, that burgers for the ladies was all the money I spent in Albert Lea.


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