Extranos Alley: On Paying Off The National Debt

Over the last 24 years I have seem many “Exper ts” endlessly repeaing the Socialist meme that “we cannot pay off the national debt.” Thanks to a link at Steve Bartin’s Newsalert, we have a nice chart to look at, and to think about.

Over on th right of the chart, you will see the current National debt in 2017 minibucks. A bit to the left, we see the WWII debt, with the 2008 to date debt in red.

To the left is the gray crag representing our WWII debt, with a red triangle over it to today’s debt.

Now, click on over, and then I will give you the numbers the chart leaves out when you click back.

Back? Good.

In 1938, when a quart of milk or buttermilk was 15 cents, a loaf of sandwich bread the same, a 12 ounce can of Spam 29 cents, a pound of bologna 25 cents or a pound of bacon 39 to 49 cents, while a gallon of regular gas went for 24.0 cents or less, the national debt was $12,300,000,000,000, 12 trillion three hundred billion, Harry Truman dollars.

At the end of 2016, when a quart of milk is $1.39, a loaf of sandwich bread a bit over 2.30, ,a can of Spam #2.89 at the “about out of sell by date” store, and gas was 42.29.9 yesterday.

In real terms, in “what the numbers on your paycheck buy” basis, Hary Truman faced a hundred trillion dollar national debt.

We did not manage to pay it off. Something called the “cold war” got in the way of final payoff. Bu look how far down we caem.

Now, you will have to do some tall talking to convince me that our country cannot pay off its national debt.

Nrvsidr og Harry Truman’s 161,300,000 Americans could pay down their seventeen trillion dollar national debt, Donald Trump’s 322,599,000, essentially twice as many, Americans can pay off Willie Clinton, George Bush’s, and Barack Obama’s national debt.


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