Gun Control As A Social Justice Issue

Prior to the 1963, American minorities prized their gun rights, because when the chips were down, Judge Remington and Col. colt mad an Indian or a Black man the equal of a white man.

Minority men often sat on their porches, shotgun in their lap, watching what went on and stopping the bad stuff. And then the “progressive left” started talking about banning guns, the cops no longer waved at the community guardians, and crime in the minority went through the ceiling.

Causing that big run on deadbolt locks and sash blockers during the 1960’s.

Civil rights workers still carried – and Dr. Martin Luther King, jr, still fought for gun rights, but gun control has exacted a terrible price form Americans, most of that cost coming from minorities.

But now a San Diego biship claims gun control is a social justice issue.

When Jesus directed his followers to buy a weapon, He did several things, starting with the ability to defend ourselves and others from bodily harm or death, to choose our own rulers, to worship our God instead of a pagan idol, to live in a safe society, and even to create a civilized society and live in peace and harmony with our neigbors instead of fear, in a free society instead of the semi-barbarism of His ministry.

Clearly, gun control is not “social justice” but a return to barbarism, when a man’s ability to defend himself was a matter of genes for size and strength or wealth to hire mercenary guards.

And now a Bishop of Peters Curch would deny that Jesus enabled with His order? That is a denial of faith of first water.


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