As I have said before, I am not a birther. But I am curious about the reasoning behind the fifteen million dollars someone, presumably the Obama Campaign, spent to avoid showing Barack Obama’s birth certificate.

Now, Canada Free Press’ Jim O’Neill asks a few more questions.

Like why does Barack Obama have 27 Social Security numbers? Why did he surrender his license to practice law. Why did Michelle Obama surrender her license to practice law? And a whole lot more.

Barack Obama, International Man of Mystery only gets more and more mysterious. In many ways, it appears Barack Obama fell out of the sky like bolt of lightning. And the cost of the coverup climbs every day. For both Obama’s sponsors, and for the American people.


NB. There is a link, highlighted in blue at the end of the second paragraph, for those who would like to check out my sources.


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One Response to MORE MYSTERIES

  1. ellenbarrons says:

    Where did you get the crap about $15 million?

    Obama did not spend a cent on hiding anything because he does not have to. He already posted the official birth certificate of Hawaii, and the facts on it were confirmed twice by the officials in Hawaii.

    And the lawsuits against Obama were not for his birth certificate or for documents. They were mainly attempts to stop the election, stop the Electoral College from voting or stop the Inauguration.

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