I left for work early so I could swing by an Amateur Radio Operator friends house. He had built a converter to feed the signal from the Moon Lander into his receiver. He taped much of of the downlink, and he always had a few choice comments for my listening pleasure.

Of course, the uplink, from Houston to the LEM, was over the horizon for us so we never heard a peep. But the Moon to Earth signal was great. We could hear the rapidly strengthening signal just before Moonrise. The signal was strongest when Luna was directly overhead, but the signal would disappear entirely a few moments after Moonset.

I will have to confess that I get a kick out of the people who claim the Moon landings never happened. There were no satellites in LaGrange orbits to pipe a signal back to Earth, low orbit satellites do not behave that way, and neither do geosynchronous satellites.

Literally thousands of Amateur Radio operators listened in on the LEM – moving their directional antennas as the Moon made it’s nightly trip across the Zenith – and there’s no way under Heaven that signal could have been faked.

Oh, yes. I also kept up with Teddy drowning Mary Jo. I thought surely Teddy would serve at least some time for manslaughter, involuntary manslaughter, or whatever they call it in Taxachussetts. But, as the old saying goes, “Bread rules. He whose family has the bread makes the rules.”


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