J. B. Williams, writing in Canada Free Press, says the DNC failed to certify Barack Obama as Constitutionally eligible to serve as president. Except in one State. Hawaii.

Of course, IF this is true, this is very curious. Why should the Democratic National Committee certify Obama’s qualifications to Hawaii – and not to the other 49? After all, the wording for all fifty documents should be identical. In fact, the Democrats used to print enough copies of the certificate and write or type in the addresses of the 46, 47, 48, 49 or now 50 State Election Commissions.

Now, the certification is computer generated, and the addresses are merged into the program as the certificates are printed. So one certification for Hawaii and 49 for the other states makes little sense.

So is this true? I do not have the first clue about Hawaii. But it is true for the three states where I have a personal contacts in State government. While three out of fifty is hardly due diligence, I will provisionally accept Williams statement as fact.

So, provisionally accepting this as true, the next step is the obvious question. Why?

Probably to keep someone’s stern out of a crack, one way or another. After all, a false certification is a felony in this State, and probably in most other states.

So the web gets more and more tangled. Some time or another, another Alexander will come along and use his keen intellect and keener riddle cutter to cut to the heart of this Gordian knot.


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