Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute has released the results of a study that should dump a few feet of glacier melt on so-called climate change.

The key information is this, quoting:

…..”when data were averaged over 50 year intervals, I found a consistent pattern of sea surface temperature change (see figure at right). The core-top data indicate temperatures of nearly 23 degrees, very close to the average temperature at Station S over the past 50 years. However, during the Little Ice Age of about 300 years ago sea surface temperatures were at least a full degree lower than today, and there was an earlier cool event centered on 1,700 years ago. Events warmer than today occurred about 500 and 1,000 years ago, during the Medieval Warm Period, and it was even warmer than that prior to about 2,500 years ago.”

Please click on the link above for the rest of the item – and the figure at right. Remember, the present is at the left so today’s climate is obviously far cooler than it has been in the past.

Also remember this knocks the scientific props completely from under both “climate change” and “cap and tax.” Which is now being called “tax and refund.”


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