As a small business owner I find remarkably little good about “H.R. 3200,” the ObamaCare socialized health care bill currently making its way through Congress. My objections fall into several distinct categories. Besides socialized medicine’s history, my objections concern cost, economic effect, and the very limited coverage.

Nancy Pelosi has estimated a business’ cost of ObamaCare at $761.00 per month per “head of household.” While most experts think the cost will be above $900 per “head of household, let’s go with Pelosi’s numbers. 761 X 12 is $9132 a year for each of the estimated 110 million “heads of household.”

Multiply that out and you get a bit over one trillion dollars a year. But Americans already pay 2.4 Trillion a year for health care. Obviously, Pelosi’s $761 will not come anywhere close to covering those already covered by a health care plan, much less adding another 13 million illegal immigrants.

Next, Pelosi thinks a small business with 10 employees will pay “only” $7,610.00 a month for insurance. That’s over $91,000 a year. And most small businesses do not come close to making that kind of money. A typical business owner who grosses a million a year will employ a dozen people and take home $50-80,000. Adding another $110,000 a year expense will put Betty Businesswoman $30,000 a year or more in the hole.

“Pass it on to the consumer?” In most cases that is simply not a viable option. The big box stores like Wal Mart have enough dollar volume per employee to keep price increases to the 5-15% range. The independent businesses do not. The inevitable result will be a massive loss of small businesses of all sorts. The small businesses that employ eight out of ten Americans, the businesses that pay the majority of Federal and State taxes, the businesses that collect forty percent of sales taxes, and that provide most of the wealth of America.

That would be nothing less than an economic disaster. One that would result in far less revenue to pay for all this “new” medical care. Meaning that the surviving businesses will inevitably be faced with an even higher tax load.

So how much “benefit” will ObamaCare provide? Shockingly little, for most Americans.

The text of H.R. 3200 is here.


Every American should read the entire bill, since there are many provisions that will affect only a disfavored few. But for starters, Family Security Matters has a brief but excellent rundown on matters that should concern everyone about ObamaCare, here:


For my part, I have several immediate concerns. My first concern is for my wife and myself. Socialized medicine has a track record. A part of that record is handing sick Seniors a “go home and die” kit and sending them on their way. The mandatory “get ready to croak” counseling for Seniors included in H.R. 3200 makes it clear that Pelosi, Reid, and Obama’s ObamaCare is not intended to provide even basic care for the elderly. While I expect to die, the prospect of my wife or I dying of a curable disease just to provide a job for a bureaucrat seriously irritates me.

The second is for our children. All three are getting close to the usual 50 year old NHS cutoff for major medical care, and will soon hit the 62 cutoff that most NHS bureaucracies set as the limit for more than a few stitches in a cut. I expect their lives to be appreciably shortened by ObamaCare.

The third is for my employees. I cannot compete with Asian imports if I must pay another $200,000 a year for ObamaCare. Almost half of my employees have been with me for over twenty years, most are over fifty, and even in this relatively prosperous economy a job is very hard to find. If either ObamaCare or “Cap and Trade” pass I will have no choice but to sell out for whatever I can get and close the doors.

The fourth is for my country. Essentially, Obama’s economic polices parallel those of Argentine Dictator Juan Peron. Before Peron, Argentina was a very prosperous country, second only to the United States in both personal wealth and individual freedom.

A decade of Peronism made Argentina the “poor man of South American.” While there are better choices a quick look at Wikipedia’s articles on Juan Peron and Peronism will reveal many parallels with today’s situation here.


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