In a recent post, “Taking a Page From Goebbels Playbook,” I mentioned the regime’s 800 million handout to the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, aka a “non-profit,” to set up up five to seven regional news centers. The idea is that local newspapers will no longer get their news items from UP, AP, or other “independent source.” Instead, in two or three years the “news” will come from a single Federally funded source.

There is much more about this in the discussion here with several trenchant comments.

But the regime does not intend to “save the news” with their scheme to set up six or seven Federally funded “independent news centers” managed by the non-profit Corporation for Public Broadcasting. The regime intends to replace the news with content from these “non-profit news centers.”

From the presser, it appears news items from Devils Lake, ND, will go to the Twin Cities center, where they will be made available to every media outlet in the Twin Cities service area. National and international news apparently will released through “DC Central” to the regional centers, to be furnished to local outlets.

As I said the first time around, the scheme is disturbingly similar to the way the NSDAP (German National Socialist Workers Party – NAZI Party) took over the primary source of international news for German newspapers in 1932/33. By 1935 even the obituaries were vetted by the NSDAP before publication.

Considering the current political climate, this appears very ominous.


ADDENDUM – as a point of interest, the current Federal appropriation for this scheme amounts to 14 percent of the total cost of news reporting for all media sources. If nothing throws a monkey wrench into the regime’s plans the 2012 appropriation will be more than half the current cost of gathering the news.

The justification is to reduce media costs in order to “save the media.” In reality, we have a reprise of Dr. Goebbels scheme to control the media by controlling its sources.


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