This video would seem to cast further doubt on the place Barack Obama was born, and therefore Obama’s qualifications for the Presidency:

As I have pointed out here before, the Obama Campaign has spent some $15,000,000.00 in avoiding a question that should have been met head on to start with.

The Democratic National Committee sent qualifying letters to 1 state stating Obama was qualified by birth to become President. Reportedly, the other 49 qualifying letters omitted that statement. I can only vouch for three, but the source of that statement has been otherwise reliable.

Obama’s Kenyan grandmother specifically states she was in the hospital room when Obama was born – but she has never been outside Kenya.

Kenyans accept Obama as a native born Kenyan, as does Africa generally.

And now this. That amounts to a great deal of smoke for there to be no fire.

While there is no chance that any American Court will nullify the 2008 election and remove Obama from office, that does not mean that Obama’s every act will be declared lawful at some point in time.


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