The Canadian regressive progressive who seems to think he is a “conservative,” asks what sin Woodrow Wilson committed against Conservatism.

“The moving finger writes, and having writ moves on,” and there there are many unforgivable sins writ in letters of blood in Wilson’s book. Wilson’s greatest sin was his partnership with William J. Simmons and his eager acceptance of the works of Tom Dixon, Jr.

Until Wilson’s Presidency, the official policy of the United States Government was full public integration of all races, white, black, brown, red, or yellow. Wilson, impelled by Dixon’s claims of superiority of the “white race” and Simmons Klan, promptly segregated the Federal Government. Black Americans, who were on the same merit promotion system as whites, found themselves outside both the hiring and promotion policies of the Federal system.

Under Wilson, Asians were treated as third class citizens, setting the stage for WWII’s concentration camps.

Under Roosevelt and Taft, every effort was made to bring Indians to technology. Under Wilson, the cages called “reservations” became locked cages.

And I could go on, and show the links between Dixon, Simmons, and Wilson’s theories and those of Germany’s NAZI partei less than a decade later. Theories that set the stage for the Holocaust.

But Woodrow Wilson set the stage for the truly tragic racial friction and economic disparity we have today. That’s what sin Woodrow Wilson committed. Not a sin to Conservatism, but a sit to all humanity.


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