Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty has been named Vice Chair of the Republican Governors Association. That’s a stepping stone if Pawlenty decides to run for Pres.

At the moment, the leader is Mitt Romney, whose term as Masachusetts governor was marked by the original of ObamaCare as well as a number of pro-crime, anti-gun legislative drives. Of course, RomneyCare has busted the budget and flattened the State treasury. And his pro-crime measures aren’t doing so well, either.

Pawlenty supported CCW permits in Minnesota. He has had some scandals in the past, but as far as I remember they were not personal scandals. As I remember it, Pawlenty was the head of a smallish telephone company that paid some hefty fines for “slamming,” changing customers service providers, without their permission.

It’s no secret that I believe the current best choice for President is Governor Palin, but I do intend to look Pawlenty over – close, plenty and often.


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