And they walk around with their nose so high in the air that they would drown in a tropical climate. But I don’t think most of them would qualify.

Truth to tell, journalism has gotten so bad – I kid you not, I never had a lot of use for long-time Clarion Ledger editor Purser Hewitt. I had several run ins with that man, back when gun controls first got popular.

But he was a giant compared to the people who are trying to fill his shoes. And it’s the same way everywhere you look. We don’t get reporting, we get prejudice and propaganda! Plus fake TEA Party violence, ObamaCare cover ups, imaginary nerve gas attacks, and whatever else some “journalist’s” fevered imagination has conjured up this week. All you can honestly say about today’s media is that it is offal.

And it’s no real wonder. Kids who go to school these years want to be jocks; and make that big sports money! If they can’t play for pay they want to be in one of the big bucks professions, like engineer or doctor or lawyer. If they can’t hack that, they try something respectable with decent income potential, like accountant or school teacher. If teaching toddlers is beyond their ability they make a full circle and try PE, physical education. And if they flunk first year treadmill and beginning Ace bandage, there is only one thing left.

No, not truck driving school. Journalism! They get to pay for four years of socialist indoctrination disguised as education. When they get the sheepskin they bought they still don’t know B from Bull, or that there’s more than one way to spell spud, but they have a certificate that says they are qualified to lie for money as long as no one finds them out! Sort of like the “get out of jail free” cards CIA agents used to carry.

And talk about unimpressive – or just downright inferior. That’s today’s crop of “journalists.” I know this is hard to believe, but a Florida “Journo” is suing a topless bar because a li’l ol’ dancer slapped him in the face with her, ahem, pectoral appendages at his stag party. He says that when she whopped him she damaged his tender li’l bod! Heck, getting a bare one of those in the kisser would be the high spot of most men’s stag party! And of some men’s whole life!!

But this ‘journalist is suing this li’l bare bazoomed dancer, he says, because she titty whipped him and knocked him out, hurting his head, and throwing his back out on the very eve of his wedding!! Turrible!

No wonder the fourth estate has lost its reputation. You must have good material and workmanship to get a quality product!


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