Has changed a great deal in a year and a half. I instead of Democrats and Republicans we have three major groups among those likely to vote.

There is the political “left,” who like to refer to themselves as “progressives,” and are certain that just one more law and one more bureaucracy will make this a perfect world. That group thinks it thinks but is incapable of thought, so call them the Butterflies and Unicorns faction, the followers of a setting sun.

There is the group who know something is radically wrong, but do not know what. Color that group “Puzzled.”

And then there is the group that has taken the place of the political Right. The Informed, who are outraged, who know what is going on, why it is going on, and who is responsible for it.

And as the economy worsens, the Puzzled’s eyes and ears become more and more open to new information. Those of us who are informed must continue to speak out on every possible occasion. And we must continue to back our statements with credible references – because the regressive progressives will quote the Daily Kos, Media Matters, and other leftist sounding boards if we do not.


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