Fox News reported today that Obama’s approval rating had dropped to 43 percent. I doubt that it Obama’s approval rating is that high.

Why? Because a substantial number of Americans will deliberately try to mislead pollsters. An almost equally high percentage will tell the pollster what they think the pollster wants to hear. Both factors would put a sitting President’s approval numbers much higher than it actually is.

Talking to people, I think the percentage of people who actually approve of Obama is no higher than 35 to 38 percent. And less than that approve of his policies.

Of course, Obama supposedly has a “base” of around 13% of the population. But his position is less secure there than some think it is. Massive unemployment tends to discourage people.

The Chicanos I talk to do not have much for Obama, seeing no improvement in their own lot during the sunset man’s first 18 months in office. Other Hispanics run slightly higher – but there are fewer of them.

And even the academics and public employees in the major population group are giving up on Obama as they see their own economic situation deteriorating.

Bottom line? 35 to 38% tops. If that.


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