65 “Journolist” members ID’d

A Free Republic poster has “outed” 65 members of the infamous cabal of far left reporters on the Journolist list server.

The American Thinker Blog has published this partial list of Journolist members, comprising perhaps one fifth of the individuals on the list. The names – and their comments – are a revelation. As many of us suspected, the media loaded the dice for Obama. And as many of us suspected, the media was secondarily responsible for sliming Sarah Palin, and for much else that went on during the 2008 election cycle. And since.

Bookmark the American Thinker link above. More names will come out, and I suspect that it will not be long. But for the time being, it is only necessary to point out one simple fact.

These idiot children could not have pulled this off without the full knowledge and support of their employers. So the New York Times Punch Sulzberger had to know his economics writer was a Jourolist member – and as far left as you can get. As were and are the editors and publishers of the Washington Times, the Chicago Tribune, the Indianapolis Star, the Jackson Clarion Ledger, and in fact every influential newspaper in the United States.

Mark 2008 on your calendar. That is the year journalism died. 2008 is the year newspaper writers started inventing deliberate lies about a political candidate. 2008 is the year newspaper writers colluded to get a political candidate elected.

And now no “newspaper” has a reputation as anything other than a liar.


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