The George Soros funded “progressive” web site Media Matters claims there are no ObamaCare death panels.

Well, the current flap is about the anti-prostate-cancer drug Provenge. As a man of “advanced age” that concerns me. My urologist tells me that I will get prostate cancer if I live long enough, and Provenge is his “go to drug” when that happens. But since it is expensive, Obama’s Dr. Berwick does not want it used. Instead, he wants the FDA to withdraw approval.

Upcoming is the flap about the anti-breast cancer drug, Avastin. It is expensive – it does not instantly cure every patient – and the government does not want to pay for it. So Berwick is mulling getting the FDA to cancel its approval. A friend of the wife’s has been treated with Avastin, and she just beginning the five year waiting period before she can be said to be “cancer free.”

While death from cancer is often an agonizing death, Berwick wants the FDA to pull approvals on drugs that could extend the lives or cure millions. Condemning those millions to an early death at best, an agonizing death at worst.

There is another drug that is expensive, but works. It works so well that even the British NHS death panel, the NICE board, approves it for wet macular degeneration. That drug is Lucentis. A chemical cousin of Avastin, the current cost is $2,000 an injection, and patients need from six to twenty four injections. And it does prevent blindness. It works – and I can see. But Lucentis is also in Berwick’s sights. He would have cancer patients go home and die – and macular degeneration sufferers go home and go blind.

No “death panels?” Just exactly what do you think Berwick’s mission is, Media Matters? Berwick’s mission is to shuffle Seniors and the chronically ill off this mortal coil just as quickly as humanly possible. And that is a death panel, any way you chop the language.


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