Moonbattery has a fairly extensive series of closeups from Glenn Beck’s Restore Honor Rally. Click here and scroll down for the graphic details.

Here is an great interview with Alveda King, Martin Luther King’s niece, who spoke at the Rally:

According to a couple of people who were there at the end, the mall was absolutely clean when the crowd left. There was not so much as a gum wrapper on the ground. Since Trud West, the Washington Post, estimates crowd size by the litter tonnage, you can expect an “Oh, yeah, two or three thousand turned out for Beck” from the media.

And since crowds for leftist events are notorious for leaving litter, from Woodstock to the Obama inauguration, the “progressive” rags think they have a reason. Here’s the mall after the 2009 Inauguration:

Look at these people, wading through the trash they left at the inauguration, and all unaware.

“Satis putant vitio carere; etiam virtutibus carent.” So saith Quintillian.

“Ain’t it the Troof, ain’t it the troof.” Snagglepuss


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