Sometimes you cannot tell the players without a program. A comment in the home town newspaper – as nearly as I actually have a “home town”- brought on a reflection on political parties.

Despite propaganda, the Democrats have pretty much been the party of the wealthy. But since FDR the Democrats have trended toward Socialism. While Socialism, the state control of all means of production and distribution of goods, is a wonderful theory that works reasonably well on the village level, it has about five thousand year of disastrous failures on its record. Some of the worst of the Socialist regimes have been the Stalinist/Maoist regimes. And some of the Democrats make both Stalin and Mao Tse Tung seem like pikers.

And, despite propaganda, the Republicans have been the party of the producers. The party supported the business community, the small holders, and yes, even the moguls. One need look at the most prosperous era in United States history, between 1880 and 1928, to see what pure Republicanism is capable of. (FYI, the Democrats were responsible for the debt bubble that burst and led to the Crash of ’29 and the subsequent Depression. The same type of looming disaster we have today.)

The Republicans have always been for low taxes, hard work, and enjoying the fruits of your labors. But since Truman, the Republicans have been infiltrated by a fifth column of Democrats. Call them Republicans In Name Only, RINO’s; or call them Democrats In All But Name Only, DIABLO’s; but generally they closely resemble some descriptions of the Bolsheviks. Just like today’s “progressive” Democrats.

Effectively, we have had one political party, and we might as well call it either Demo-publicans or Republic-rats. Because the “two parties” are essentially interchangeable. While there is a fairly wide range of thought between individual members of the two parties, the underlying philosophy of high taxes, big government, and insignificant people is the same for both parties.

Now, we have a newcomer on the political scene. The “Taxed Enough Already” or TEA Party. While the TEA Party consists of thousands of individual organizations, the underlying philosophy is much like the Republicans of America’s Golden Age. Lower taxes, shrink government, and encourage producers.

That is what it will take to keep us out of the worst of the present Depression. And that is what Andrew Mellon advised both Herbert Hoover and FDR to do to end the “Great Depression.” Doing nothing then would have ended the recession after the “Crash of ’29? by 1932. But Hoover threw money at the problem. Which turned a moderate recession into a full blown Depression.

Then FDR did something worse. Roosevelt borrowed money against the full faith and credit of the United States to throw more money at the problem. Which caused a second Depression in 1937, a Depression whose effects lingered until 1950 – and set us up for a second Depression. Today’s depression.

Personally, I intend to vote for the TEA Party candidate. And I will help real TEA Party candidates; candidates who are not more Democratic infiltrators; in any way I can. Because America’s survival as an independent nation depends on it.


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