Repeating a shtick from a 1930’s vaudeville act, it is fair to ask just who is in charge of this United States.

In theory, the United States should be controlled by either the Democratic or the Republican political parties. The same political organizations that have controlled the United States for more than a century and a half.

The reality does not match theory. With more than three months to go, this Congress is actually controlled by an organization called the “Democratic Socialists of America.” If you are like most, you have never heard of the DSA.

The DSA has roots tracing back to Marx and Lenin, but this scion was “founded” by disgruntled members of both the Old Left and the New Left. While the linked Wikipedia entry has been heavily sanitized, the DSA was a coalition of the Communist Party, USA; and various socialist groups. The DSA’s journal, the “Democratic Left” has replaced the Daily Worker as the face of the movement.

While the DSA has taken down its on line list of Congressmen who are members, ScribD has a cached copy of the list of 70 avowed DSA members in the House.

They include Barney Frank, Alan Grayson, and in fact every rabidly anti-gun member of Congress. One more anti-gun Congresswoman, Ohio’s Mary Jo Kilroy, has “come out” since the list was published. And of course this list does not include Senators.

Going by the theory that “by their fruits ye shall know them,” extended to “by how they vote we shall know them”, I count 154 House members and 34 Senators who are either DSA members or vote the straight DSA line. Some, like House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who resigned on being named House Minority Leader, are still DSA activists, while others are less open. Some even embrace the Second Amendment – while they vote our rights and our property away.

Pelosi is far from the only “resigned” but still active DSA member in government. Barack Obama was a member – until he ran for public office.

So when you ask who is in charge of the United States – the Democratic Socialists of America are. That is something we need to change on November 3rd.


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