Bloomberg Weekly reports on the long, slow, decline in American Journalism. This report is specifically on the newspapers, where only the Wall Street Journal and the Dallas Morning news are bucking the trend.

The Murdoch owned Wall Street Journal is usually fair and is reasonably balanced. The Dallas Morning News has greatly benefited from some unwise moves by its competitors. But otherwise, the trend is down, down, down.

Since the data listed was gathered by the AP, which gets really shirty if you do not buy a right to quote, I will discuss the Boston Globe, wholly owned by the New York Times, which has long dropped out of the top 25 American newspapers. It was among the top ten dailies, but its circulation has dropped another 16% in the last six months.

Why the plummeting newspaper circulation? Let’s talk about a bit of history.

During Tombstone, Arizona’s heyday, there were two newspapers. The Ephitaph, which represented the Democrats and the “entertainment businesess,” the saloons, brothels, and the gamblers who frequented them. And the Globe, which was the Republican paper and represented “law and order” and the bankers and businesses that depended on law and order. A Tombstone resident could be very well informed for two cents; a penny for each of the papers.

That situation prevailed until the current round of “corporate mergers.” But now, we have these corporations that own hundreds of newspapers. Each with all the individual flavor of a pancake mix short stack, and a bottle of Mrs. Butterworths. Each has the same string of hack writers posing as columnists; the same pitiful short list of politically correct cartoons; and the same tired “Fascism is sooooo coooool” editorial writers.

Except the hacks do not know enough about political theory to realize Fasicism is just another form of Socialism. And despite all the “progressives” yapping about “Obamunism,” Communism is even worse than Fascism.

The American people see the same thing, every day, in the newspapers and on the tube. So why bother reading a newspaper when you can get the disaster news from the tube and the political news from Limbaugh?


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