No internet where I was for most of yesterday, so the Saturday night follies are a bit late. This was one of my Dad’s favorites – and one of mine as well.

When Les Paul first released this I was a morning shift DJ. The Governor and a leading opposition party guy in the Senate were having a war and the Gov caught the Senator in a stupid lie. The Senator’s defense was he was just using a little constructive fiction to make his point.

After I read that news item I left the mike on as I cued this up.

Of course, my limited audience could hear the papers rustling and so on. About a minute forty in there’s a slightly softer place. Supposedly apropos of nothing I said “I thought constructive fiction was what you use on a girl to talk her into a navel engagement.” Ten minutes later I was unemployed!

More? Well, the second time I was a DJ, this was my most requested platter:

I always like that adaptation of the “Ship Chandlers Wife.” Although I doubt the FCC would have allowed it on the air if Phil Harris had not been so popular.


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