It is no secret at all that I favor defunding the Corporation For Public Broadcasting, National Public Radio, and with very few exceptions, all publicly funded news or information outlets.

The Hill’s Cheryl Halpern argues, at the link above, that “Such rough justice might make for a good sound bite, but it’s neither easy nor wise to do. Remember that publicly funded broadcasters are supposed to be independent of political interference; that independence is of great value to the public radio and public television journalists who cover our government and events in other nations.”

Perhaps it is because my memory is longer than most’s – or I am more interested in history than most – but the reasons Ms. Halpern gives to continue to fund those organizations are precisely the reason I oppose giving CPB and NPR one more dime.

First, neither the Corporation for Public Broadcasting or National Public Radio are independent of political interference. In fact, both groups are highly politicized. The head of NPR was a “tour guide” in Russia, during a period when tour guides reported directly to the KGB.

The head of CPB is Ernest J. Wilson III, Ph.D., is Walter Annenberg Chair in Communication and dean of the Annenberg School for Communication at the University of Southern California.

And of course, we should all be well aware that anyone suspected of being “moderate,” centrist, or, horror of horrors, conservative, will not mop floors at USC, much less become the Annenberg Chair in Communication. So the heads of both organizations are somewhat to the left of Trotsky. And it shows very plainly in the product.

I used to listen to NPR in the late 1970’s and early 1980’s when it was a fairly unbiased news and views outlet. I have not wasted my time or patience on that outlet for at least fifteen years, and more likely twenty. Just because I get royally tired of hearing in ways both subtle and not how wonderful Marxism is.

But as I said, I have a long memory and an interest in history. One of the things the German National Socialist Workers Partei did was “filter” the news before it was presented to the German people. Starting in 1932, all news was gathered at the Berliner Rundfunk (Berlin Broadcasting) studios, vetted and “corrected” by Partei operatives, and transmitted by wire to the various local Partei headquarters throughout Germany. Where each newspaper, radio station, or other news outlet was expected to pick up and pass on without change.

A quite similar scheme surfaced in late 2009. The Obama regime proposed dividing news distribution among 7 regional news outlets, providing “official” news to every media outlet in that region. The Lincoln Journal Star was outraged, and editorialized about the scheme.

Briefly quoting from the Journal Star editorial about the “foot in the door” move by CPB:

“Intoned Patricia Harrison, president and CEO of the corporation: “This is a commitment to journalism. As we look at this environment and the impact on newspapers, we just felt we had to … try something innovative and ensure that we hired real journalists as part of this initiative.”

Real journalists – like the Journalisters. And real editors. With a far left political bias.

Not to repeat myself too much, I have a long memory. I remember when there was no “Corporation for Public Broadcasting.’ That was when the news was generally an accurate recitation of the journalists “5W,” “who, what, when, where, and if possible, why.”

We do not have that level of journalism today. And we have not had that level of journalism for at least twenty years. Instead, we have Olbermann and Matthews, Williams, Couric, and the rest of the lot, each worse than the one preceding.

It is time to do something about the news. Starting by removing the most intractable of biased reporting.

Defund CPB, and NPR as well.


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