MARLENE DEITRICH, In English, and in German

The star of Destry Rides Again, Marlene Deitrich with her most famous song, a favorite of both Allied and Axis soldiers in both WWI and WWII. First in English from her USO tour during the war:

And then in German, recorded before she fled Germany:

Translations often do not work as well as the original, as in the two versions of Lili Marlene. Still, we are fortunate to have both versions of the same song.

For contrast, It’s a Long Way to Tipperary, another soldiers favorite from both wars. But while Lili Marlene was a particular favorite of Allied soldiers, a Long Way to Tipperary was far the more popular among the Axis soldiers. Here is a music hall version from WWI:

Enjoy – as so many before us have.


What? MORE! Well, maybe one. This is a bowdlerized version of a tune that was popular out in the tack room, far beyond the shell like ears of the ladies up in the big house. Except the doggone women would sneak up on us!


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